Restaurants & Cafes

Entering Z readings at the end of every day, checking stock and knowing what to order and when is manual and be tiresome.

We realise the challenges of running a successful Restaurant and Café and therefore tailored some specific software and services to help take some of that pain away.

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Scope of our expertise

Specifically, our expertise can help you and your clients in the following areas:

Cloud Accounting Features

  • Create Purchase orders
  • Mange Stock & Inventory Control
  • Compare Sales & Expenses for multiple locations
  • Automate seasonal workforce onboarding and timesheet management with Employee Portals

Third-Party Plug-in Apps

  • Manage Online Bookings through your website with Nabooki
  • Applications like SumUp POS can turn any smart device like an iPad into a Point-of-Sale System (POS), Staff can take orders from customers using a digital menu system that all links to a digital inventory. The reports give valuable insight into what dishes, products are selling the most and help you reduce food wastage

Before & After Software Implementation


How can we help?

Better Bookkeeping Solutions can provide Cloud Accounting Software and Apps at reduced compared to purchasing direct. In addition, we can save you the time and money researching, Implementing, and operating cloud software.