Ecommerce/Online Retail

Managing a variety of product Item sales from multiple platforms including Amazon, Ebay, as well as your own website can be a real agony.

Many online sales channels will make a one lump sum payment every two weeks or month in your bank account. This leaves you with little detail on what products have sold, what products and channels have the best margins.

At Better Bookkeeping we know how to integrate inventory systems with online selling platforms and Cloud Accounting Systems. This will reduce your data entry and, bookkeeping time. In addition, provide the product breakdown sales data you need to make better decisions.

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Scope of our expertise

Specifically, our expertise can help you and your clients in the following areas:

Cloud Accounting Features

  • Get an instant view of your cashflow on an online dashboard
  • Create purchase orders that link with an inventory system
  • Mange Stock & Inventory Control and get warnings when you are about to run out of stock
  • Compare product margins and find out what products are most popular, and which are making the best margins

Third-Party Plug-in Apps

  • Create ecommerce websites with product display and payment functionality or link payment functionality to an existing website with Shopify
  • Automatically pull and customise product sales lines, into your cloud accounting Software using Dext Commerce
  • Link SOS Inventory to provide assemblies, automated order processing, backorder tracking, serial numbers, sales orders, lot/batch tracking and partial receiving functionality
  • DEAR provides an all-in-one platform to help manage growing businesses in retail, wholesale, and ecommerce. You can take control of your operation through centralised order and inventory management, integrated Point of Sale systems, Warehouse Management and out of the box integrations to leading marketplaces, shipping services and accounting applications

Before & After Software Implementation


How can we help?

Better Bookkeeping Solutions can provide Cloud Accounting Software and Apps at better prices at reduced prices. In addition, we can save you the time and money researching, Implementing, and operating cloud software.