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Whoever would have thought that working with your hands would mean handling paper receipts or writing out invoices and estimates every evening?

Here at Better Bookkeeping we have the service and software that can automate your admin process, giving you time and money back from a mobile phone in your pocket!

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Scope of our expertise

Specifically, our expertise can help you and your clients in the following areas:

Cloud Accounting Features

  • Take pictures of receipts with a mobile app and throw them away
  • Design and send professional estimates and invoices from your phone
  • Track fuel mileage via a GPS tracker on your phone
  • Set up budgets, track and compare projects
  • Track CIS transactions and pay tax with ease
  • See a Tax Estimate months before yourself Self-Assessment Deadline

Third-Party Plug-in Apps

  • Sync your bookings, estimates and invoices with Google Calendar
  • Sales handheld Payment Devices and Apps like IZettle & Square
  • Set up Direct Debits with Go Cardless
  • Get paid faster by taking credit card payments on Invoices with Paypal
  • Let software automatically send email reminders on near due or overdue Invoices with Satago & Chaser
  • Use company credit cards that include, expense management, spending restrictions with Pleo
  • Take control and work smarter from the client’s first call through to scheduling, quoting, job completion, invoicing and payment with Service M8

Before & After Software Implementation


How can we help?

Better Bookkeeping Solutions can provide Cloud Accounting Software and Apps at reduced compared to purchasing direct. In addition, we can save you the time and money researching, Implementing, and operating cloud software.