Care Homes & Agencies

We realise the pressures and challenges Care Agencies and Homes are under. Not only with the pandemic but also the manual processes associated with operating payroll.

We strive to support our Care Sector through offering digital solutions to enable less risk as office staff can work from home, while also freeing up time on manual data entry, employee onboarding, timesheets, and payroll.

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Scope of our expertise

Specifically, our expertise can help you and your clients in the following areas:

Cloud Accounting Features

  • Enable remote working as back-office staff can access from anywhere
  • Automate and digitalise receipt and bill extraction to reduce physical contact
  • Reduce employee onboarding time, digitalise timesheets and manage annual leave via an Employee Portal that feeds directly into your Payroll

Third-Party Plug-in Apps

  • Build employee shifts, use a digitised time clocking system with QuickBooks Time and time Kiosk App
  • Set up supplier Direct Debits with Go Cardless
  • Easily handle changes in patient volumes, staff calling in sick, or other last-minute changes to the rota. with Deputy

Before & After Software Implementation


How can we help?

Better Bookkeeping Solutions can provide Cloud Accounting Software and Apps at reduced compared to purchasing direct. In addition, we can save you the time and money researching, Implementing, and operating cloud software.