Manual Processes

Find and quantify the manual processes in your business

Introduce Software

Set up, configure and integrate carefully selected sotware that automates best

Training and Support

Learn how to use the software yourself or outsource the admin to us

Return on Investment

Measure the successes through time saved, better user experience and improved cashflow

About Us

Better Bookkeeping’ is a UK technology based bookkeeping practice with a mission to help UK small to medium businesses discover, implement, and deliver the best in-class cloud technology.

We carry out our mission by solving for hundreds of manual process-based challenges such as data entry, data flow, operational and bookkeeping.

Our consultancy services that are designed to help our clients navigate, select, and implement the right software to build their business platform eco system.

In addition, we also provide an outsourced bookkeeping service, software training and ongoing support to help you meet your objectives. You can read more about us here

Our Scope

Better Bookkeeping uses better technology to help you create better business processes that improve your cashflow and work life balance.
Since Cloud Accounting came to being we have been researching, implementing, and demonstrating the benefits that a fully integrated Cloud Bookkeeping system can offer.
We work with business owners across a variety of sectors that wish to work smarter and free up time caused by manual processes.

The typical challenges we solve for are as follows:

  • Delay in sending estimates, invoices and receiving payments from clients
  • Paper receipts lost, stored in bags & boxes
  • Cash flow based on money in the bank
  • Tracking old client invoices and calling to chase overdue payments
  • Mileage guessed or tracked in paper logbooks
  • Sales from online websites or POS/Till systems typed in manually
  • Stock tracked by eye or pen and paper
  • Project management
  • Time uplift onboarding employees, organising timesheets, annual leave and running payroll

Whether you are someone looking to use that Wednesday morning to make more sales instead of typing receipts. Or take your kids to the park on a Friday afternoon instead of calling customers to chase late invoices, our team has the right solution for you.

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